Graduated in mechanical engineering in 1998, since my university studies I’m involved with energy issues and renewable energy sources.

Since 2000 I cooperate with FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational use of Energy), of which I am the Managing director since 2007. At FIRE I am in charge of public relation, personnel, the main projects, and the typical managing activities. I manage many initiatives aimed at the promotion of the efficient use of energy, at the monitoring of the evolution of the energy market and at the analysis of the main issues that affects energy managers activities.

I am an advisor for issues related to white certificates, energy service contracts, cogeneration, ESCOs, and electricity supply and worked together with primary companies in Italy. I have also coordinated working groups about cogeneration, power quality, legislation, white certificates, and energy efficiency support schemes. The blog lists both the studies I contributed in, while the peer-reviewed papers I wrote are available among the English posts.

Among the international activities – besides the participation in many European projects, conferences, workshops and trade fairs – from 2006 to 2007 I have been responsible for the component about information and diffusion campaigns and expert for the one about energy policies within the Twinning project “Institutional Building at EEA” with the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Agency.

Some of the EU projects in which I played a prominent role and contributed to the main deliverables: Ensmov (support for the implementation of energy efficiency policies), M-Benefits (tools to evaluate non-energy benefits of energy efficiency), ESI Europe (business model for SMEs based on contract with guaranteed performance, third party validation and insurance for energy performance), Epatee (policy evaluation), Eu-merci (energy efficiency good practices in the industrial sector), GuarantEE (EPC contracts), Enspol (policy and incentive schemes for energy efficiency), H-reii (heat recovery for energy intensive industries), Enerbuilding (energy efficiency in the building sector), e-Quem (qualification of energy managers).

Most of my work is in Italian, but you can find many posts in English too.