Energy efficiency in industry: a glance about the Italian situation

My presentation about energy efficiency in industry held at the workshop “Energy efficiency: where will it lead us” at the British embassy in Roma on 26 March 2014.

Topics: statistics, comparison with energy efficiency gains and white certificates in industry, discounts for energy intensive industries, energy management systems, energy managers, international standards.

Energy manager in Italy and other energy efficiency challenges

Dario Di Santo’s presentation about energy manager in Italy and other energy efficiency challenges illustrated to a Chinese delegation at the Ministry of Environment on December 9th. Topics: market framework, energy manager network and mandatory appointment for large users, business models, energy manager systems and other related standards.

White certificates in Italy: a brief summary

The presentation on the basics of the Italian white certificates scheme held from Dario Di Santo at the EFIEES meeting on the 6th of December in Milano. The illustrated topics are: WhC and the art. 7 of 2012/27/EU directive, Italian targets and mechanism rules, savings assessment, market results, market expectations.