Measurement and verification in the Italian white certificate scheme

Measurement and verification of energy savings is an important part of any energy efficiency obligation or support scheme. In the presentation I held at the World sustainable energy days conference in Wels I illustrated how M&V works for the Italian white certificate scheme. A comparison of the different energy saving assessment methods is available, together with the description of the verification process implemented by GSE, the managing body.

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White certificate at Germany G7 meeting

The presentation held at the Germany G7 meeting in Berlin about the Italian white certificate scheme. The ENSPOL project was also presented, as example of cooperation among countries and of a platform to allow an exchange of best practices, capable of supporting policy makers in creating new incentive schemes or improving the existing ones.

ESCOs for industry in italy

The presentation about ESCOs with a focus on industrial activities in Italy illustrated at the JRC workshop “Energy Services Market in the EU” held in Brussels. The topics discussed are the blurred definition of ESCO, the Italian situation on this respect, the UNI CEI 11352 certification, the main characteristics of the industrial sector, some survey data about the ESCOs market, and the link with support schemes and in particular with the white certificate scheme.

Proceedings soon available on the JRC website.

Measuring energy efficiency savings

My presentation about the measurement of energy efficiency savings held in Bruxelles on June 10th at the conference “Applying common methods and principles for calculating the impact of energy efficiency obligations schemes or other policy measures under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive” organized by the EU JRC. Issues and opportunities are summarized, together with the Italian experience linked to the white certificate scheme.

Proceedings soon available on: