Energy efficiency policies for industry

The presentation about the policies for energy efficiency in the industrial sector at the EU-MERCI project webinar. The industrial sector accounts for one fourth  of the EU energy consumption and for 19% of the GHG emissions (without the energy sector). In order to reach the EU 2020 and 2030 targets and, even more, to adhere to the Paris 2015 climate agreement, there is the need of policies aimed at facilitating and accelerating the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector. The presentation shows the main existing policies and offers some hints on the future measures.

The video of my speech and the other presentations are available on the EU-MERCI website.

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White certificate in industry

The presentation and the peer-reviewed paper presented at the ECEEE conference in Berlin. It summarizes the situation in terms of targets, outcomes, and market and introduces the main points behind the new scheme guidelines that should be published by the end of the year.

Paper and presentation available.

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Energy manager: the Italian experience

The presentation I held on October 31st at the IAEE international conference “Sustainable energy policy and strategy for Europe”. Covered topics: the Italian mandatory approach on energy managers and the certification process for energy management experts according to Italian standard UNI CEI 13339. 

Energy efficiency in industry: a glance about the Italian situation

My presentation about energy efficiency in industry held at the workshop “Energy efficiency: where will it lead us” at the British embassy in Roma on 26 March 2014.

Topics: statistics, comparison with energy efficiency gains and white certificates in industry, discounts for energy intensive industries, energy management systems, energy managers, international standards.