Italian white certificates: the new rules

Italian white certificates guidelines

As thoroughly illustrated in my papers presented at ECEEE and IEPPEC 2018 conferences, the Italian white certificates scheme (WhC) has been facing in the last years serious issues, related to the lack of certificates to cover the scheme’s target, skyrocketing market prices, frauds with simplified (standard) energy saving assessment procedures, etc. In order to deal with such issues the Ministry of economic development issued decree D.M. 10 maggio 2018 to modify the WhC guidelines introduced in 2017. The presentation held at Ponti 2018 event in Bolzano briefly describes the main changes.

The Italian WhC scheme has been working since 2005, delivering more than 26 million tons of oil equivalent cumulated by the end of 2017. Despite its longevity and success in terms of savings results, many issues have arisen in the last years, due to a mix of factors: stricter and more complex rules, reduction of low hanging fruits, especially in the industrial sector, frauds, market rules and cost recovery mechanism. In my recent papers presented at ECEEE and IEPPEC conferences such issues are illustrated in details, together with the main rules, and the need of amendments is highlighted.

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